Puerto Rico Rise Up, Inc. consists of a group of healthcare professionals and volunteers from all over US and PR working together to help expedite relief efforts for the Victims of Hurricane Maria and long term rebuilding efforts. We have served immediate needs like medical supplies, medications and medical care and will continue fulfilling immediate needs and partner with other similar organizations to rebuild the infrastructure of PR. We do not doubt that with your help we will rise above the chaos and contribute to making PR “La Isla Del Encanto” again.

Board of Directors

Sara I. Diaz Valentin, MD, MSc, FPMRS, FACOG
Linka Matos, MD, JD
Katherine Tossas-Milligan, PhD
Monica C. Coronel, MD


Lissette Gutierrez, MD
Carolina E. Reveron Arias, MD
Dalian Caraballo, MD
Founder Doctoras Boricuas
Marcia Cruz Correa MD, PhD
Nora Gonzalez, MD
Nilda Moreno, MD
Myrna Cardiel, MD
Joanne Sotelo, MD
Ericka Acevedo, JD
Lisa Aponte Soto, PhD, MHA